• Deborah Gray

Ancient Female Naming Rights are Human Rights

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Why Female nouns/pronouns are human rights.

Women - you are magical - treasure your right to be female, complex, mutable, our own bodies made to co-produce life and carry new life, breasts to feed a new human being even while we may be lacking in food.

Even if a woman doesn't choose or get to be a mother physically, we still can be mothers of Earth to other goals. And we must fight to keep our woman's instinctual by birth knowledge and retain our hard won rights to be honoured as the term -Women.

We died in massacres, we were tortured, we were 'the dismissed' for our female gender - as second class citizens for centuries, white, black, brown, indigenous - every race of woman have suffered and died, and still do, for the right to be recognised as a respected woman/female/girl.

Become one of us if you choose to, be a sister with us in our female journey on Earth - but do not demand or usurp or try to take away our millennia of battle-earned rights to use our own names of Female, Woman, Mother, She. For they are our embedded magic forces, our spell, our charms - to share yes, and to welcome and help you to find your own true way - but these ancient names can never be stolen away from us or distorted.

For Words are Power, I am a Druid woman and we know the power of the spoken name, the written word.

The songs of women are woven into human DNA - sung through hundreds of thousands of years of our ancient female names (be they pronouns, titles, verbs, nouns) eternally sung through the ages to guide each new life and onwards.

(C) Deborah Gray 2019.

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