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Seasonal Spell kit packages

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Brand: MySpellKit
Spell Kits for every Season

Spend sensuous days during Spring and Summer learning ancient secrets of seduction and success. Banish boyfriend blues and boost fading fortune as you fill your Autumn days and Winter months weaving genuine enchantment and magical power.

  • Yearning for True Love?
  • Stir up some 'Sex in a Bottle' and send your soul mate zooming into your Love Limit.
  • Money Troubles?
  • Discover the extraordinary effects of the 'Royal Peacock's Brew' from the Master's Apothecary to bring forth wealth and prosperity.
  • House Hunting?
  • Cast the spell of 'Merlin's Mansion' and soon you'll be decorating the home of your dreams.

    Many of the brilliant and unique spells in each of the 4 seasonal kits have been expertly crafted in the ancient tradition of Magical Mastery - to fill every season of the year with mystical empowerment, and to manifest your greatest dreams and desires.
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